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discoloured / линялый, полинялый
имя прилагательное
faded, discolored, dilute, discoloured
faded, discolored, discoloured
имя прилагательное
changed in color in a way that is less attractive.
her beauty was marred by discolored teeth
Their gushing tears felt like excruciating acid rolling down their dry, discolored , paper cheeks.
The characteristic symptom of Sudden Oak Death is sap bleeding from discolored bark.
Both of us have had to figure out what to do with discolored redwood in fences or decks.
The treatment might need to be refreshed each year, or more often for severely discolored teeth.
In some cases the entire seed may be discolored .
You'll notice several large branches or the top half of the tree with discolored needles.
Professional jewelry cleaners are a good option for seriously discolored or damaged jewelry.
Customers are kindly asked not to bring up the horrific accident which left Mike with discolored white scar tissue around his eyes.
Abu-Jamal is suffering from a swollen, discolored ankle.
In the middle of the room was a small fire with several discolored flasks gingerly stuffed in the coals.