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disco / дискотека
имя существительное
disco, discotheque
посещать дискотеку
имя существительное
a club or party at which people dance to pop music.
These will ban the carrying of firearms in restaurants, clubs, discotheques and pubs between 10 pm and 6 am.
pop music intended mainly for dancing to at discos, typically soul-influenced and melodic with a regular bass beat and popular particularly in the late 1970s.
The work's equally edgy score incorporates techno, disco , and house music.
attend or dance at a disco.
for the next three hours he discoed nonstop
However there are no dazzling lights, no exciting music, no wine or scent of perfume when you disco on the tideland.
Make no mistake about it - this is not an electronica album, or even a house album - it's disco .
Since I couldn't disco or drink the rest of the night away, it was time to retire, which we did.
Taking the best parts of electro, techno and disco , he composes on the fly and makes instantly catchy and melodic dance tracks.
The song sounds like a fleet of androids racing and screaming toward the future, underpinned by a churning disco beat.
In 1996 he released a long player that shocked his tecchier fans by encompassing not just techno and house but also disco , electro and more than a dash of orchestral drama.
Then again it is this interplay between classic rock riffs and disco beats that make some of these songs timeless classics.
The group mixed garage, disco , punk, new wave, and metal and chucked the result into our faces with deliberately dumb lyrics.
The 18 tracks of psychedelic pop, disco grooves and film snips may be a patchwork quilt of musical oddities, but one that is seamless.
I couldn't dance, I couldn't disco , so my teenage years were terrible.