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disclosure / раскрытие, разоблачение, обнаружение
имя существительное
disclosure, revelation, expansion, discovery
exposure, disclosure, revelation, denunciation, reveal, denouncement
detection, detecting, discovery, finding, discovering, disclosure
имя существительное
the action of making new or secret information known.
a judge ordered the disclosure of the government documents
It can result in a trial being impossible because it would involve the disclosure of further secret information.
Thus, it might be asked why disclosure of information is not separately mentioned in the above typology.
Perhaps in ordinary parlance this is disclosure of confidential information in the interests of the bank.
a judge ordered the disclosure of the government documents
So, disclosure by the prosecutors may flush out some pleas of guilty and shorten one side of the case.
There can, however, be no question of cross-examining or seeking disclosure from the judge.
The order for disclosure prescribed a period of 42 days for providing the documents.
Indeed, it may order disclosure of evidence necessary for disposing fairly of the application.
Much fuller disclosure of information is required when the final assessment of costs takes place.
The dilemma of whether or not to release information illustrates that disclosure is an area of fine judgments.