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disclose / раскрывать, вскрывать, разоблачать
disclose, reveal, open, unfold, uncover, open up
reveal, disclose, dissect, unseal, rip up, anatomize
expose, disrobe, unmask, denounce, show up, disclose
make (secret or new information) known.
they disclosed her name to the press
Or you can travel to an ancient Indian temple to disclose a hidden treasure.
The company was also accused of failing to disclose information properly.
Typically, the issue is not whether to disclose the information, but how.
At the end of the path, turn right and push past some foliage to disclose a hidden pool.
Do not use, copy or disclose the information in any way nor act in reliance on it and notify the sender immediately.
It is our company policy not to disclose that information in order to protect the privacy of our customers.
Any civil servant who is proven to have leaked the information should face prosecution for disclosing confidential information.
He said they were not disclosing this information because they believed it would not be helpful.
And anyone involved in ID card administration who improperly discloses information will face up to two years' jail.
The act was also not supposed to entangle reporters in a net of prison sentences, either as recipients of leaks or as disclosers in their own right.