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disciplinary / дисциплинарный, дисциплинирующий, исправительный
имя прилагательное
disciplinary, disciplinarian
correctional, corrective, remedial, penitentiary, reformatory, disciplinary
имя прилагательное
concerning or enforcing discipline.
a soldier will face disciplinary action after going absent without leave
If there is such overwhelming evidence of fraud, then follow your disciplinary procedures.
If found guilty, the two officers could face serious disciplinary sanctions.
The matter will be dealt with at the next meeting of the disciplinary committee on a date yet to be set.
Yet even the latter pair have been among those with disciplinary problems.
Such advice might concern the best use of a disciplinary policy or where to get help for some particular problem.
He said he not been informed that his appearance before council officials was a disciplinary hearing.
Following investigations, he was suspended and a disciplinary case began.
He announced that the three men would face a special disciplinary committee.
Now he is in charge of a department which includes people who sat on the disciplinary panel which led to him being fired.
It said it was head office policy and anyone refusing to comply could be issued with disciplinary warnings.