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disciplinarian / педант, сторонник дисциплины, приверженец пресвитерианства
имя существительное
pedant, disciplinarian, prig, pedagogue, precisian, formalist
сторонник дисциплины
приверженец пресвитерианства
имя прилагательное
disciplinary, disciplinarian
Presbyterian, presbyterial, presbyteral, disciplinarian
имя существительное
a person who believes in or practices firm discipline.
He was a strict disciplinarian and a firm believer in corporal punishment.
She is a strict disciplinarian who doesn't believe in fun.
Balding, short-sighted, and uncommunicative, he was driven by a powerful sense of duty and was a firm disciplinarian .
He's a strict disciplinarian , an innovator in the passing game and a coach who loves to play physical football.
Also, you can enjoy seeing both sides - is the father making a real effort, or is he a strict disciplinarian ?
He is a disciplinarian who insists on following the rules.
Raymond is a strict disciplinarian and expects very high standards of his family.
For a long, long time he was seen to be a strict disciplinarian .
He was a man of violent temper and sarcastic tongue, a strict disciplinarian , and ruthless in his exactions.
My mother was born in India and her father was a strict disciplinarian and everyone was in awe of him.
he was a strict disciplinarian whose word was law