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disciple / ученик, апостол, последователь
имя существительное
disciple, pupil, apprentice, learner, schoolboy, scholar
apostle, disciple
follower, disciple, adherent, cohort, pursuivant
имя существительное
a personal follower of Jesus during his life, especially one of the twelve Apostles.
Jesus' apostles and disciples in the early Church felt the importance of prayer ahead of missionary activity.
a disciple of Rousseau
Pius II said of Catherine: ‘She seemed to have been a teacher rather than a disciple .’
Our Straussian disciple starts out like any graduate student-hapless, insecure, and terrified that he might not make the grade.
a disciple of Rousseau
It is easier for a couple to perform together when the husband is the teacher and the wife is the disciple .
The teacher or the master shows the way, and it's up to the disciple or the student to find.
At the level of the heart connection, mutual passion links the teacher and disciple .
Spencer was a social philosopher and a disciple of Lamarck.
Later, as Jesus was being tried by the High Priest, his disciple Peter was challenged and denied knowing him - just as Jesus had predicted.
Then gradually, as his disciple , I became his assistant and then when he could not attend the classes, one day he told me, ‘This is your time, now you take it.’