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discern / различать, разглядеть, распознавать
distinguish, differ, discern, differentiate, discriminate, perceive
make out, discern, distinguish, sight, spy
recognize, identify, distinguish, discern, discriminate, diagnose
perceive or recognize (something).
I can discern no difference between the two policies
Sea conditions were similar to the day before, and I was able to discern the shape of the wreck from 60m on.
It gives us some of the infrared we need to discern the shapes in the current darkness.
I can discern no difference between the two policies
Her feline sensitive ears could discern a distinct cry coming from each man's mouth.
I could barely discern the huddled shape of my parents standing in their doorway.
It is up to the teacher to discern which students are up to the task and which are not.
Using touch alone it's difficult to discern individual buttons on this phone.
They seem to be able to discern flavours more easily and to identify, discriminate and remember flavours better.
As I approached the chair I was able to discern some, but not all, of their characteristics.
They began to discern shapes, touching them and discovering them again as if from new.