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disburse / расходовать, платить, расплачиваться
spend, expend, consume, disburse, put out
pay, give, disburse, stump up, render, plank
pay off, settle, pony up, disburse, stump up, reckon
pay out (money from a fund).
$67 million of the pledged aid had already been disbursed
Many a time mutual trust and goodwill have been lost due to dishonesty among some agents, organisations, individuals or even politicians entrusted with responsibilities to disburse such funds.
The second option is to act on behalf of a bank in processing an application and disburse the funds, both for a fee.
However, it is still unclear when the administration intended to disburse the funds to the victims and who would be defined as a poor resident.
We hope that the government will disburse the money before that time,’ he said.
He could establish or dissolve public institutions and he had the right to disburse public funds.
These individuals are able to disburse their funds quite easily.
Not only will the treasury unit have authority to disburse funds to ministries and government institutions, but it will also be responsible for finding resources to finance the state budget.
The expectation of the donors was that charities receiving the funds would disburse the money to needy victims just as quickly.
The federal government said it was studying whether to disburse relief funds to the state.
My team consists of a legal clerk and two disbursers .