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disbelieve / не верить, не доверять, сомневаться
не верить
не доверять
distrust, mistrust, doubt, disbelieve, discredit, suspect
doubt, question, distrust, challenge, disbelieve, mistrust
be unable to believe (someone or something).
he seemed to disbelieve her
She'd never believed in miracles, having always considered them to be merely scientific anomalies which have yet to be understood; but however hard she tried to disbelieve it, she was healed.
Disbelievers in Bigfoot do not disbelieve as an act of faith, but because the evidence is not persuasive.
he seemed to disbelieve her
I do not either fully believe or fully disbelieve these stories, but I find them interesting nonetheless.
It was one of those days I didn't play well and I didn't play badly, and when my agent called me that night and said they wanted to sign me, I didn't believe it and I didn't disbelieve it.
I am not prepared to believe or disbelieve this claim without the facts.
he seemed to disbelieve her
to disbelieve is as much an act of faith as belief
Those who disbelieve or mistrust will end up losing out,’ he said.
In some cases, a parent may choose to ignore or deny suspicions or even disbelieve a child sharing such information.