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disbelief / неверие, недоверие, сомнение
имя существительное
disbelief, unbelief, infidelity
mistrust, distrust, disbelief, discredit, unbelief, misfaith
doubt, question, challenge, hesitation, discredit, disbelief
имя существительное
inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real.
Laura shook her head in disbelief
Among the different disciplines, disbelief in the existence of God was not correlated with any particular area of expertise.
My first reaction on discovering the burglary was disbelief , indignation and real sadness.
His outburst ended with a slight smirk, no doubt at my expression of unrestrained disbelief and anger.
No one in her family could believe that she had suffered a stroke at such a young age, but soon their disbelief turned to anger.
Yesterday parents waiting for their children outside school reacted with fury and disbelief at the news.
Laura shook her head in disbelief
Laura shook her head in disbelief
One only had to look at the bewilderment and disbelief on their faces to gauge what they must be feeling.
I like to go to movies to suspend my disbelief for a few hours, and I have to pay for that.
There is an instant change from mild anger and heavy annoyance to startled astonishment and disbelief .