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disbar / лишать звания адвоката, лишать адвокатской практики, исключать из корпорации
лишать звания адвоката
лишать адвокатской практики
исключать из корпорации
expel (a lawyer) from the Bar, so that they no longer have the right to practice law.
A lawyer who commits a felony and is disbarred is surely less deserving of our concern than an applicant who committed a similar crime years before studying law.
exclude (someone) from something.
competitors wearing rings will be disbarred from competition
I would question the validity of systems that disbar quality staff from progressing.
The complaint focused on his unethical efforts to disbar his colleagues from international forums for daring to contradict his views.
They would usually pass such reports to the General Teaching Council, who can warn, suspend or disbar teachers.
Most referees will immediately disbar any player found guilty of trying these sort of tricks.
Sarah died tragically young five years later, but not before marrying an English army officer - an act which came to disbar her from nationalism's pantheon of tragic Irish heroines.
A code of practice, which required a midwife to be insured would thus effectively disbar her from practising privately, says Chris.
Of course, this doesn't disbar you from the option of guided dives, either from the shore or from one of the dive centre's day boats.
The rational system would be to engage consultants as employees of public hospitals, and to disbar them from all private practice.
It does not disbar the person from standing for whomever he or she wishes to stand for in the future.
Ten days later the lawyer was committed to a state mental institution for substance abuse and was eventually disbarred .