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disband / распускать, расформировывать, расходиться
dissolve, dismiss, disband, unpick, expand, undo
disband, break up, disembody, deactivate
diverge, disperse, break, break up, separate, disband
(of an organized group) break up or cause to break up and stop functioning.
The IRA's war has ended and the organisation shall not disband .
Paramilitary organisations of all kinds should disarm and disband .
the unit was scheduled to disband
Irish writer John Banville asks why the IRA in their most recent statement announced that they would put an end to their armed campaign but not disband the organisation.
The 228 Incident Committee was declared an illegal organization and ordered to disband .
The IRA's war has ended and the organisation shall not disband .
He praised Endriartono for making such a forceful call for all paramilitary organizations to disband .
The Clash finally disbanded in 1985, but that's not the end of the story.
‘The public consultation is a mockery,’ said Mr Putwain who had brought to the meeting a final position statement of the CHC before it disbands on December 1.
While neither categorically ruled out a Coalition arrangement if obligations on disbandment and decommissioning were met, both played down the possibility of this after the General Election in 2007.
If the IRA disbands , it will have been established that the IRA was not merely an illegal organisation but an unambiguously terrorist organisation.