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disavow / дезавуировать, отрицать, отмежеваться
deny, negate, disavow, gainsay, disown, disclaim
dissociate, disassociate, disavow, dissociate oneself from
deny any responsibility or support for.
he appears to be in denial of his own past, which he continually disavows
the union leaders resisted pressure to disavow picket-line violence
Some people cope by denial or disavowal , making open communication less appropriate in the earlier stages.
Wilson he was forced to lie and the diocese produces a signed statement disavowing his involvement in the letter.
The least interesting aspect of this article is where it tautologically notes that Blair is disavowing such a connection.
The incoming chair has the opportunity to establish a new learning history with these faculty members by disavowing the relevance of the past issues and introducing new, achievable expectations.
In light of my research into the Reagan administration's democracy promotion policies, I have long been concerned that conservatives would pay lip service to democratization while disavowing it in practice.
I detect a David Lynchian coyness here - Lynch is famous for disavowing any complex or psychologized readings of his work.
Well in that case, Mr Annan, you'd better start by disavowing yourself and your odious organisation.
As an artist, he has knowingly signed forged drawings and disavows responsibility for his sometimes salacious subject matter.
Unlike many, Bunyan didn't end up disavowing the hippie philosophy.