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disassociate / отмежеваться, отделять, диссоциировать
dissociate, disassociate, disavow, dissociate oneself from
separate, set apart, detach, dissociate, divide, disassociate
dissociate, disassociate
Every once in a while, anchors and correspondents - as though disassociating from their own roles - paused to marvel at how the sniping story was deflecting public attention from the stretch drive of the 2002 campaign.
Martin is understandably touchy about the negative vibe around Freshmart; a few months ago, Danny posted a sign outside Zimmerman's Discount, disassociating his store from Martin's.
He explained that they had nothing to do with it as they are only contracted to look after the door and are not employees; in short, completely disassociating themselves from the restaurant's actions.
He adds: ‘I want to make it absolutely clear that the Scottish Executive disassociates itself from the negative language that's been used to describe refugees.’
The club completely disassociates itself from stories in the press implying that there was any financial impropriety on David's part concerning his dealings on behalf of the club.
If I were Costello, I'd become the invisible man between now and the election, and continue to keep a low profile until Howard retired, so I could have some chance of credibly disassociating myself from his policies.
Cllr Aird: ‘I'm disassociating myself from the proposal of my two colleagues.’
Yesterday the club's chairman Robin Smith sent a letter to Mr Caborn asking him to make a statement to the House of Commons publicly disassociating himself from Terry Rooney's remarks there on October 21.
He regrets the tone of the article and disassociates himself from it.
Schwarzenegger responded by immediately disassociating himself from Buffett's remarks, declaring his wholehearted support for Proposition 13.