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disassemble / демонтировать, разбирать на части
dismantle, disassemble, demount, strip, unmake
разбирать на части
take apart, disassemble, knock down, disjoint, take to pieces
take (something) apart.
the piston can be disassembled for transport
it is permissible for a lawful user to disassemble a computer program to determine its interfaces
If you do get any red flags, re-run the batch, clicking the Export rather than the OK button, which will export a shell script that you can disassemble and tweak to track down and correct your problem.
In some cases, where there is extensive wear on the original bucket walls, this Caterpillar dealer might even disassemble the old bucket and weld in new steel-plate bucket walls.
We'll disassemble the bike, pull all the parts in a sled on the glacier, then dump them in a backpack and carry it to the summit.
I knew that even if you disassemble the machine into millions of small and tiny pieces and you examined each and every one of those parts, it would still not resolve the problem.
The strike erupted when management closed down one of the factory's three production lines and attempted to disassemble machinery for removal.
For one thing, it requires the user to at least partly disassemble both the notebook and the desktop system.
Back at Vickers, technicians went to work disassembling the plane, replacing engine and prop, while repairing the rest of the damage.
He disassembled the phone with meticulous care, then scattered the pieces with his foot.
The careful disassembly and reconstruction was performed with the help of Chinese carpenters and stonemasons.