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disarrange / расстраивать, приводить в беспорядок, дезорганизовать
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, disarrange
приводить в беспорядок
disorder, derange, disarrange, clutter, disturb, tumble
disorganize, disarrange
make (something) untidy or disordered.
her hair was disarranged all around her face
Because of this, it is easy to disarrange the electron structure of a recording tape, CD or hard drive and thereby damage or destroy its stored information.
He tells himself that Violet really is an extraordinary woman, miraculously in harmony with his own philosophy of life and in no way likely to disarrange his ordered existence.
Then he, of course, had to turn to me and disarrange my hair too.
Let me just make sure though that I have what I should have, because I rather suspect that in my unique ability to disarrange things, I have succeeded in doing so.
‘Oh, that's right, you used to live like up in Maine or something - don't disarrange those,’ she ordered, pointing to the pictures.
Elastic fiber layers of the media were severely disrupted and disarranged .
In his sleep he seemed so young and vulnerable, his dark hair disarranged around his face like an errant schoolboy's, his lips fluttering uncertainly every so often as if he was speaking to someone in his dreams.
This greatly disarranged their curls and bonnet-caps, with much edification of onlookers from below.
The odd twisted tree and disarranged bush all dotted the landscape that could be seen.
From his makeshift grave in France and the disarrangement of his bones, Yeats arrived in precisely the setting he had always intended, a setting he had already dramatized as his final resting-place.