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disarmament / разоружение, обезоруживание
имя существительное
disarmament, demilitarization, dismantlement
имя существительное
the reduction or withdrawal of military forces and weapons.
In the end they're going to have to choose peace and disarmament or a private army and war.
In general, both arms control and disarmament deal with the same subject - arms stability.
I also think that the right body to force disarmament , and to cause a regime change is the U.N.
The issue of nuclear disarmament , and ending war generally, is a central part of the campaign against global poverty.
The virtual disarmament by European nations which followed World War One led directly to World War Two.
Should Baghdad fail to cooperate in disarmament , war might erupt and oil prices could soar again.
The condition of its peace settlement in the early 1990s was its disarmament .
Why not wait and see how far we can move it towards disarmament of weapons of mass destruction by the attrition of political pressure?
He said talks on nuclear disarmament could stimulate peace efforts by building confidence in the region.
Now we know that disarmament and weapons of mass destruction were a blind designed to hide the true objective of regime change.
Labour's policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament did not command wide support.