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disarm / разоружать, разоружаться, обезоруживать
disarm, unarm, unrig, dismantle
disarm, unarm
take a weapon or weapons away from (a person, force, or country).
guerrillas had completely disarmed and demobilized their forces
allay the hostility or suspicions of.
his tact and political skills will disarm critics
camp humor acts to provoke rather than disarm moral indignation
Last October in Colorado, three Catholic nuns entered a missile site swinging hammers to disarm a nuclear warhead.
An American soldier was killed when he tried to disarm a roadside bomb that had been attached to a telephone pole.
He's bright, amusing and just vulnerable enough to disarm critics.
We have demanded that a country disarm - and even as it is doing so, we say it doesn't matter, it's too late, we're coming in.
The process will resume January 20, after the United Nations expands capacity at an already overcrowded camp for former fighters and sets up two other camps to disarm rebel forces.
his tact and political skills will disarm critics
Second, all private militias were told to disarm and cede their urban responsibilities to the police and the ICDC.
The likelihood that the army will actually disarm seems to me low, though they may turn in some weapons.
The mission monitored and advised efforts to disarm combatants and restructure the nation's security forces.