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disapproving / не одобрять, неодобрительно относиться
не одобрять
disapprove, discountenance, object, discommend, disfavor, disfavour
неодобрительно относиться
имя прилагательное
expressing an unfavorable opinion.
he shot a disapproving glance at her
have or express an unfavorable opinion about something.
Bob strongly disapproved of drinking and driving
Some men maintained protective intergenerational boundaries by distancing themselves from disapproving parents.
There was a disapproving cry from the men watching.
I think there was a disapproving eyebrow at the time.
In Japan, Tokyo's security goals are confronted by disapproving views on militarism.
She saw Darcy giving her a rather disapproving look.
He could not, however, fail to discern her disapproving gaze.
Elizabeth met his teasing glance with a small disapproving frown.
Her lips were turned down in a disapproving frown.
Pulling up to the posh hotel in his old black Camaro, he grunted, handing his keys to the disapproving valet.
She turned to find herself faced once again with the disapproving glance of William.