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disappointing / неутешительный, разочаровывающий, печальный
имя прилагательное
disappointing, unpromising
disappointing, frustrating, disillusioning
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, disappointing
имя существительное
вызывающий разочарование
имя прилагательное
failing to fulfill someone's hopes or expectations.
the team made a disappointing start
fail to fulfill the hopes or expectations of (someone).
I have no wish to disappoint everyone by postponing the visit
He said it was very disappointing that so many prisoners were reconvicted within two years.
Lancashire will be aiming for revenge after they suffered a bitterly disappointing defeat at Leicester last month.
Kilner will also be looking for more from his forwards after their disappointing showing on Saturday.
Once again, the audio is slightly disappointing due to the lack of commentary.
The book had a rather disappointing ending because she is " rescued " again by another man.
The Huskies hope to rebound from a disappointing fifth place finish in Hockey East.
"It was a bitterly disappointing result and we did not play well, " he admitted.
He said it was very disappointing that at some home games the travelling team had more support than Easkey.
We find it disappointing and, for someone of your standing, surprising.
Northerly needed to show some return to form after two disappointing starts in August.