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disappearance / исчезновение, пропажа
имя существительное
disappearance, vanishing, disappearing, dissolution, evanescence, dissipation
loss, disappearance
имя существительное
an instance or fact of someone or something ceasing to be visible.
"Insulin sensitivity " was defined as the ability of insulin to enhance glucose disappearance and inhibit hepatic glucose production.
the sun's disappearance at night
the police were investigating her disappearance
The disappearance of the library was a loss to Alexandria's eminence.
His disappearance prompted extensive searches by mainland police, family and friends.
Wells et al. observed the disappearance of rare species at a highly disturbed study area following watershed deforestation.
Examination and comparison of these sources of information would help to resolve many cases of enforced disappearance .
Woodward starred as the Scottish policeman investigating the disappearance of a little girl.
He said the police had been informed and were now investigating the mysterious disappearance .
His disappearance prompted many to go and look for them.