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disappear / исчезать, пропадать, скрываться
disappear, pass away, vanish, go, lose, die
disappear, vanish, go
hide, lurk, disappear, go into hiding, abscond, skulk
cease to be visible.
he disappeared into the trees
cause to disappear, as by consumption.
statistics show that the community disappears about 200 pounds of cabbage a year
If there's a good thing in lost property, sometimes it will disappear before anyone's had time to claim it.
Events accelerate on a transatlantic flight to London as passengers suddenly disappear without a trace.
Each time he gets the shot the symptoms disappear within hours.
In addition, the incidence of lung cancer and deaths from all causes decreased but did not disappear completely after the supplementation ceased.
Unless males are brought in from elsewhere, these herds will soon disappear altogether.
In utter amazement, Kirby found herself standing alone on the curb watching Jason's taillights disappear into the night.
Dialects could soon disappear altogether as accents in urban areas merge into one.
But as this year's Budget approaches, speculation is rife that certain exemptions and reliefs which currently exist are about to disappear .
He, too, thought that she had simply disappeared .
People disappeared and were killed after people had informed on them.