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disallow / отвергать, запрещать, отказывать
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, disallow
forbid, prohibit, ban, disable, disallow, inhibit
refuse, deny, reject, decline, fail, disallow
refuse to declare valid.
the judge disallowed his evidence
Better, said Blatter, to allow an offside goal than to disallow a good one.
It provides that the Judge may disallow such costs but it does not say that he has to do so.
In this case the flag has gone up and the referee has had to disallow the goal.
As such, we disallow it as a valid operation on numbers.
The single grievance leading to this appeal arises out of the trial judge's refusal to disallow the evidence of what was said between the appellant and the police officers prior to arrest.
Indeed, the plaintiffs in this case (Tufford v. Merck) are relying on decisions disallowing the use of animal tests by plaintiffs to prove causation.
The particular Louisiana statute which allows emergency controls on firearms also clearly disallows the complete prohibition being imposed by the New Orleans chief of police.
The Board's disallowance of these signatures left Mayor Williams considerably below the 2000 signatures required for ballot access.
On proscription, the Attorney General can still ban political organisations, but subject to disallowance by the House of Representatives or the Senate.
The Federal Court has supported the Tax Commissioner in disallowing tax breaks for investments in the Lismore-based Australian Tea Tree Oil Research Institute.