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disagreeable / неприятный, противный, сварливый
имя прилагательное
unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, distasteful, obnoxious, unpalatable
nasty, contrary, disgusting, repugnant, obnoxious, disagreeable
quarrelsome, grumpy, contentious, cantankerous, crusty, disagreeable
имя прилагательное
not pleasant or enjoyable.
another disagreeable thought came to him
Your opinion, although disagreeable to me, is something that I risked my liberal life to protect.
At its simplest the aura may take the form of a familiar odour, or more commonly a disagreeable or even disgusting one.
The deep-seated hatred can be understood, but this plastic thing on the surface, this hypocrisy is disagreeable , and we try to puncture that in the play.
He is disagreeable , difficult and completely daft.
The London Underground system finds ever more cunning ways to make itself disagreeable to the sorry traveller.
Some find it disagreeable to depend on others to go about their lives, while some feel neglected.
The situation is disagreeable to Japan, but Tokyo has put up with it to avoid upsetting bilateral relations.
It is easy to grant people the freedom to do what is agreeable to us; freedom is important only when it is the freedom for people to do what is disagreeable to others.
If lying in the sun or listening to music gives us great pleasure, and dental drills and electrical shocks and nausea are very disagreeable , then it is hardly surprising that we seek out the former and try to avoid the latter.
Battles cost money that Pakistan can ill afford - they also have a nasty habit of escalating into something much more disagreeable .