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disagree / не соглашаться, противоречить, расходиться во мнениях
не соглашаться
disagree, wave away, differ
contradict, disagree, conflict, counter, contravene, go against
расходиться во мнениях
disagree, differ in opinion, differ, be at variance, dissent
have or express a different opinion.
no one was willing to disagree with him
(of statements or accounts) be inconsistent or fail to correspond.
results that disagree with the findings reported so far
I respectfully disagree with your statement that it wouldn't hurt to play these games in New Orleans this year.
Couples go through a number of statements and see whether they agree, disagree , or are undecided about them.
And unfortunately, she's well aware that some readers disagree vehemently with articles I've written.
There are always people who disagree on the issues of abortion, homosexuality and religion.
historians often disagree
Historians disagree about exactly when the decline of the British empire began.
In other words, they disagreed then and disagree now fundamentally with the characterization of the threat.
Advice from professionals can help, but experts often disagree .
For reasons which follow, I respectfully disagree with his conclusion.
The vast majority of people who vote Liberal Democrat disagree quite violently with their policies.