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disaffected / недовольный, нелояльный, недружелюбный
имя прилагательное
dissatisfied, disgruntled, discontented, disaffected, displeased, discontent
disloyal, disaffected
unfriendly, inimical, disaffected, antisocial, asocial, ill-disposed
имя прилагательное
dissatisfied with the people in authority and no longer willing to support them.
a military plot by disaffected elements in the army
It is also easy to understand why residents are disaffected .
A spokesman for the disaffected crew said he expected the tribunal to reveal the volunteers have a strong case.
We know the system is wrong when there are so many disaffected voters.
Harper's not going to alienate the social conservatives of any other group of disaffected voters.
Meanwhile, a revolutionary insurrection by a disaffected Kentish mob threatens to bring anarchy to London.
The alibi at Westminster, in such situations, is that a disaffected member must stay, to represent his constituents.
Still, there are plenty of disaffected people turning to jazz.
If the Tories seem like the nasty party again, disaffected Labour folk could well slouch back home, albeit grudgingly.
It is brain washing, profoundly unhealthy and a foundation course for turning disaffected youths into terrorists.
Margo, the other day I wrote to you about being a disaffected Australian.