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dirham / дирхам
имя существительное
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, equal to 100 centimes in Morocco and 100 fils in the United Arab Emirates.
Dollars (of various nations), pounds, gilders, marks, lire, pesetas, dirhams , takas are up for grabs if one is talented enough with that wooden stick called a hockey.
a monetary unit of Libya and Qatar, equal to one thousandth of a dinar in Libya and one hundredth of a riyal in Qatar.
This was a fast food place so it is pretty cheap, but some of the higher class restaurants are still reasonable, in many of the 4/5 star hotels a nice meal would set you back about 50-70 dirhams , which is a lot cheaper than Ireland.
Prices are all marked in dirhams, with an exchange rate of just over ten dirhams to one euro.
He bequeathed his books to his pupil, Ayyub Saktiyan, who paid more than ten dirhams as a fare for them being loaded on a camel.
It cost all of two dirhams to buy and I can still remember trying to read it incessantly while my dad dragged me from fish booth to fish booth.
A typical palm island villa (6500 sq feet, four to five bedroom) with 65 feet of beachfront sold for 2.6 million dirhams off the plans.
I'm living on 100 dirhams a week which just about covers essentials like toiletries.
And he ordered that the scholar be given 10,000 dirhams .
I rent one for an hour - 50 dirhams , complete with surly pilot.
Also Sara's maternity needs are not covered by our insurance, it costs 600 dirhams a time to see the gynaecologist and will cost in the region of 12,000 dirhams to have the baby privately.
I finally saw one of the streetside orange-juice vendors Matt had told me about: I had two glasses of fresh squeezed OJ for 3 dirhams .