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dirge / панихида, погребальная песнь
имя существительное
requiem, dirge, dead office
погребальная песнь
dirge, threnody, threnode, threnos, monody
имя существительное
a lament for the dead, especially one forming part of a funeral rite.
What is ‘Danny Boy,’ after all, but a funeral dirge ?
Sirens wailed their mournful dirge as they raced towards the hotel.
I'm not sure what melancholy instrument it is that carries this ponderous, mournful dirge .
All night long the Greeks raise the funeral dirge .
The winds howled their dirge about the rough-hewn stone dwellings huddled under the grim fortress of the Sorcerers who kept watch over the once-great plains of Kal Maros.
The novel is a dirge that keens and lulls by turns.
The funeral procession parades slowly through the streets, followed by a band playing a mournful dirge as it moves to the cemetery.
The first and last are love poems, but the second is a dirge for an Irish hero.
after his ten-minute dirge, the audience booed
They stepped so high, the bagpipes sounded a dirge , they snapped their heads around at attention at their commanding officer.
One minute the crowd is jumping around, happy and hyped, and the next minute they are being subjected to an hour and half of music more suited to a funeral dirge