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directory / каталог, справочник, директория
имя существительное
catalog, directory, index, roll, sked, schedule
directory, handbook, reference book, catalog, manual, compendium
имя прилагательное
directive, directory
содержащий указания
имя существительное
a book listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
I go down to the MHS library and begin looking at the 1912 city directories , alphabetical listings of people, their addresses, and occupations.
a book of directions for the conduct of Christian worship, especially in Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches.
the revolutionary government in France 1795–99, comprising two councils and a five-member executive. It maintained an aggressive foreign policy but could not control events at home and was overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte.
For this purpose, they conduct surveys and compile an annual directory of all participating companies.
The directory contains telephone numbers of various companies which have been categorised under different heads.
But will he arrange to make copies of the directory available on sale for the public?
There was no regular Philadelphia city directory published in 1838.
Of course you can delete your entire root directory with this approach if you so choose.
Choosing a name from the local telephone directory is risky if you have no other information about the provider.
In this month three enterprising students from De La Salle College compiled a telephone directory of the local area.
The online membership directory is updated quarterly to incorporate this new information.
The new local area phone directory , being compiled by Roundfort Foroige, is going to print at the weekend.
Microsoft could help by creating an online directory of local outfits that can install the networks.