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directorate / дирекция, управление, директорат
имя существительное
management, directorate, direction, directory
control, management, administration, governance, operation, directorate
имя существительное
the board of directors of a company.
Such companies developed elected directorates to enforce their rules, deal with disputes amongst their members, and negotiate with outsiders.
Note, the undersigned are from both the CIA's Directorate of Operations and Directorate of Intelligence.
He is currently teaching Counterintelligence at a Directorate of Operations training facility.
The charges follow a joint investigation by West Yorkshire police and the Crown Prosecution Service casework directorate .
Such a system should be run by a specially established directorate for government service education within the RF Presidential Administration.
You have a Deputy Assistant Commander reporting to the Deputy Commissioner in charge of professional standards directorate .
Conseco has no investment bankers, legal counsel, commercial bankers, or consultants doing business with the company on its board, nor are there any interlocking directorates .
The regional directorate has its own press officers, accountants and managers.
The argument being floated by those in favour of the move is that the PRD is just a directorate and not a department of the Government.
The provincial directorate of public prosecutions declined to prosecute in most of these cases.
We are no doubt the largest command in the specialist crime directorate .