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directly / непосредственно, прямо, точно
directly, direct, immediately, right, live, square
direct, right, straight, directly, live, just
exactly, precisely, accurately, just, for sure, directly
как только
as soon as, once, as, when, immediately, directly
without changing direction or stopping.
they went directly to the restaurant
with nothing or no one in between.
the decisions directly affect people's health
in a frank way.
she spoke simply and directly
as soon as.
she fell asleep directly she got into bed
Last week, when my son's queries were coming at me with the force of an aerial bombardment, I resolved to answer them as simply and directly as I could.
the houses directly opposite
the security forces were directly responsible for the massacre
Now the audience is shown clearly and directly what you can expect if you win.
They dare not assert directly that the same laborers that have been discharged find situations in new branches of labor.
The attractive prices make most travellers go directly to the shopping centre as soon as they have separated from their luggage.
In the first place, Bane and Mead agree that theological premises do not directly yield policy conclusions.
And the markets are increasingly being used to supply hotels, restaurants and even schools directly .
Colors positioned directly opposite one another on the wheel have the most contrast.
Its strategy was also to pay the salesmen immediately, directly charging the cost to the client's policy and removing this charge over a long period of time.