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directive / директива, указание
имя существительное
directive, guideline, instruction, direction, leading, lead
indication, designation, direction, pointing, directive, intimation
имя прилагательное
directive, directory
guiding, leading, directive
pointing, indicative, denotative, indicatory, directive, significative
имя прилагательное
involving the management or guidance of operations.
he is seeking a directive role in energy policy
имя существительное
an official or authoritative instruction.
moral and ethical directives
My actions revealed a more directive approach, one that seemed inconsistent with my ideal view of collaborative supervision.
Are these rights in the South African Constitution viewed in effect by the Court as directive principles?
I regard that as much more directive than simply responding to a request.
But the system only worked because the United States was prepared to play a leading and directive role.
Although I began the new center with a more directive approach, I became more facilitative as time passed.
The above schematic principle functions as a directive principle within evolutionary biology.
What the Indian Constitution of 1950 called directive principles of state policies illustrates this clearly.
James therefore continues the passage quoted above with a new directive speech act.
We can then use the require directive line to restrict users to one or more particular groups.
A directive style was more common among senior managers than middle managers.