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directionless / бесцельным
имя прилагательное
lacking in general aim or purpose.
I feel directionless and miserable
I was leaving the next day, and even though I'd be returning to my present jobless, directionless chaos, I was glad to be going.
Charlotte was spending more and more time alone, growing up in a kind of free-fall; directionless , confused, and always scared.
To be honest I felt a bit weird today, a little directionless perhaps, with a vague feeling of aimlessness.
It is a clear testimony of how petty and directionless the opposition politicians have become and clearly drags the democratic process backwards.
At present it feels like a lost cause, and the SNP seems directionless , ennuied and underachieving.
The drunkard fathers, violence, poverty, promiscuity, and lack of values and guidance leave these children directionless .
And she seemed to come to the conclusion that it was precisely because we have lost any sense of the grace of God and any notion of gratitude to a force greater than our own ambition that we are so directionless and shallow.
This displayed much-needed savvy, yet the SNP leader still struggles to impose his authority on his increasingly fractious and directionless party.
Lacklustre, uninspiring, steady, directionless and going sideways - these are the phrases traders have been using to sum up their working year.
To date, they have been rather directionless in their rebellions: 150 opposed the Government and demanded in effect that a tyrant be allowed to continue to torture and murder.