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directional / направленный, направленного действия
имя прилагательное
directional, forwarded
направленного действия
имя прилагательное
relating to or indicating the direction in which someone or something is situated, moving, or developing.
directional signs wherever two paths joined
having a particular direction of motion, progression, or orientation.
coiling the wire permits directional flow of the magnetic flux
That was a plus-he wouldn't be immediately identified as American, but if the opposition had a directional microphone, which could even pick up whispers, the ruse would be up.
This means there would be a shadow cast to the north and the directional orientation of the picture would come into play.
Typically, the land mobile radio technician uses a directional wattmeter connected in the transmission line to measure the forward and reflected power.
This analysis demonstrates that growth cone turning results from an increase in the persistence of directional motion rather than a change in speed.
Appropriate and clear signage includes off-site and entrance signage as well as on-site signage with directional , cautionary, and parking signs.
But if you're lost in the cave, the map of Powell's seems only an abstract black and white design of squiggly curves, wavy topographical lines, and straight directional lines.
This may be accomplished through marking directional arrows on the score and perhaps indicating the type of interval involved.
The main effect of body side indicates directional asymmetry, whereas the side x individual interaction provides a measure of fluctuating asymmetry.
One thing: even if you use a blimped camera and scream for silence on the set, make sure you have a directional microphone with good frequency response, and check levels.
The nodes represent genes and directional links indicate significant expression correlation between a candidate gene in an eQTL region and the gene affected by the eQTL.