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dipper / ковш, черпак, оляпка
имя существительное
ladle, scoop, dipper, shovel, trough, bailer
scoop, ladle, dipper, bucket, bailer, grab
имя существительное
a short-tailed songbird related to the wrens, frequenting fast-flowing streams and able to swim, dive, and walk under water to feed.
Swallows were chasing insects over the water and I watched dippers and grey wagtails feeding their young.
a ladle or scoop.
She plunged a dipper into it and began to ladle creamy milk into the pail.
a person who immerses something in liquid.
No farmer should employ dippers unless they hold an appropriate licence.
With a sweeping gesture, she lowered the dipper into the steaming cauldron holding the noxious purple brew that was going to cure Alicia's headaches and Chino's gall-bladder problems.
Of course at that same hardware store where Granddad bought the car, all the customers drank cool spring water from a communal dipper that hung on a hook above the barrel.
She plunged a dipper into it and began to ladle creamy milk into the pail.
Without a word, the man reached into a bucket and pulled out a dipper full of water.
The dipper takes prey from the water's surface while swimming, and will even use its wings to ‘fly’ under water.
He walks over to the well, and draws up a bucket, then takes a sip from the dipper .
Just lay back against a tree among the wood anemones and the bluebells (some out already), with the roar of the cascading water, the antics of a dipper and the calm cruising of a grey heron.
On the stones I watched a dipper and a pair of grey wagtails.
I run to the rainwater barrel and fill the dipper .
Sunnyhurst Brook, which runs the length of the woods, is known among the birdwatching community as an excellent place to spot kingfisher, grey wagtail, dipper and heron.