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diplomat / дипломат
имя существительное
diplomat, attache case, diplomatist
имя существительное
an official representing a country abroad.
Government leaders, senior officials and diplomats attended the ceremony.
You need to be an organiser, negotiator, diplomat and entertainer, ready to deal with anything and everything.
He's the first diplomat to represent an Arab country in the new Iraq and had just arrived on the job in June.
The assessment by US intelligence officials and diplomats at the time of the massacre was optimistic.
A series of rights, privileges, and immunities became attached both to diplomats and diplomatic activities.
Now it seems that pressure from foreign diplomats and top officials could turn the tide.
However, diplomats and former senior officials were sceptical of the claims.
It is now housed in the prime minister's palace and is set to be used by politicians, diplomats and aid officials from all over the world.
Croatia was represented only by diplomats from its mission in Sofia, due to visa restrictions.
The news will come as a blow in London where senior officials and diplomats believed a new resolution was possible by last week.
From the start, diplomats and officials at the UN recognised that this was a bodged compromise.