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diploma / диплом, свидетельство, официальный документ
имя существительное
diploma, patent, sheepskin
certificate, evidence, testimony, witness, document, diploma
официальный документ
record, diploma
выдавать диплом
имя существительное
a certificate awarded by an educational establishment to show that someone has successfully completed a course of study.
For more than a century the department of education has collected data on the number of high-school diplomas awarded each year.
On completion of this course he will be awarded a diploma as a ring side doctor.
He gained nine GCSEs before moving to Bolton Community College where he is studying for a sports diploma .
But she soon left it after enrolling at Fort Cox College to study for a diploma in animal production.
He later went to the College of Commerce in Rathmines from where he graduated with a higher diploma in business studies.
He was awarded a diploma with distinction at the end of the gruelling course.
Students get a diploma in biblical studies when they complete 12 courses in four years.
Ask to see the certificates / diplomas for the formal education he/she claims.
It also offers an MBA in business studies, postgraduate diplomas in computing and journalism, and professional courses in law and accounting.
Steinbach Christian High School will award diplomas to 33 grads.
Both artists continued their studies resulting in diplomas in Adult Education for the former and Arts Management for the latter.