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dip / падение, погружение, соус
имя существительное
drop, fall, incidence, falling, decline, dip
immersion, dive, dipping, dip, plunge, sinking
sauce, dressing, gravy, dip, relish
dip, plunge, immerse, douse, bathe, duck
dive, plunge, dip, sink, submerge, submerse
immerse, plunge, dip, sink, submerge, submerse
имя существительное
a brief swim.
she went for a dip in a pool
a thick sauce in which pieces of food are dunked before eating.
tasty garlic dip
a brief downward slope followed by an upward one.
the road's precipitous dips and turns
the extent to which something is angled downward from the horizontal, in particular.
However, high cliffs make access to the base of sections difficult and dangerous to log, and the low angle of dip minimizes the practicality of logging smaller cliffs.
a pickpocket.
"Without a doubt," I said, "You're the most beautiful dip I've ever encountered."
put or let something down quickly or briefly in or into (liquid).
he dipped a brush in the paint
sink, drop, or slope downward.
swallows dipped and soared
document image processing, a system for the digital storage and retrieval of documents as scanned images.
She had even brought extra toppings from home: sprinkles, chocolate sauce, nacho cheese dip , and salsa.
The amount may dip to a tiny fraction of a percent if the idea represents a slight improvement in an established product, such as a better knob in a car.
Moving back and forth over the bridge, the camera will dip wildly and sink if the exact center focal point of the camera is not fixed on the bridge.
We specifically avoided the usual low-frequency reactions to a dip in the road by providing highly controlled ride motions.
But for your next picnic, forget about all of the mayonaissy salads and all the chips and dip and fried foods, and go for a healthy summer picnic.
It is now commonly accepted that the dip of the steeper part of a listric normal fault is approximately 60 deg.
I reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a container of French onion dip .
This fresh and tasty dip can be eaten with veggies, or spread on toasted bread.
Each dip and trough of the uneven ground caused her to lurch forward in her seat and rattled her to the core.
The Air America pilot who came to check out the airstrip gave it his OK despite a dip in the middle and an uphill slope to the whole strip.