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diocese / епархия, провинция
имя существительное
diocese, eparchy, bishopric, see, episcopate
provinces, province, country, government, diocese
имя существительное
a district under the pastoral care of a bishop in the Christian Church.
Nothing has been said about what would become of parishes, clergy, or dioceses in a church which walks apart.
Critics of the plans claimed the bishop should have shut other churches in the diocese if he wanted to save money.
He had been due to appear before the Consistory Court of the diocese of Ripon and Leeds, opening in Leeds on Monday.
A large version of the candle will be lit in every church in the diocese at Christmas.
the diocese of Armagh
The bishop of my own diocese acknowledged as much in his pastoral letter on the subject.
Mr Fielding is director of education in the diocese of Grahamstown and archdeacon of Albany.
Seven dioceses and eparchies, which are dioceses of the Eastern Catholic Churches, were not in compliance by year's end.
Detroit was one of the first dioceses to close parishes on a large scale.
It is located in the diocese of Lucknow, one of 27 dioceses in the Church of North India.
That's one reason that there has been a spontaneous burst of energy in dioceses whose bishops are retiring.