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dint / вмятина, впадина, след
имя существительное
dent, indentation, dint
cavity, depression, hollow, trough, valley, dint
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, dint
оставлять вмятину
dent, dint
оставлять след
imprint, mark, dent, dint, indenture
имя существительное
an impression or hollow in a surface.
the soft dints at the top of a coconut
a blow or stroke, typically one made with a weapon in fighting.
mark (a surface) with impressions or hollows.
the metal was dull and dinted
I perceive you feel the dint of pity
You can see the actual nerves inside the spinal column, plain as plain, and every tiny dint and imperfection on the vertebrae.
And we're talking a lot of meat: 20,000 animals a year before you make a dint on the population.
They jumped off at a building, which looked the same as all the other building, except this one had a few stains on the pavement and a dint in the wall.
Then she would don a thimble, put a dint in the cookie, and fill it with jam.
The hat, I think the style was called fedora, had a dark band and a dint in the top, which my father would sometimes correct with a chopping action of his right hand.
She'd make a dint in this unwieldy task by visiting schools to make contact with kids before they start dropping out.
The old gate of St. Pauls Church had a dint in it from a stone thrown during the fight, and this gate is still in the possession of a local farmer.
I doubt if they had even cared if they knew I have a tyre-shaped dint in my leg when they ran me over with my car.
I perceive you feel the dint of pity