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dinky / изящный, нарядный, привлекательный
имя прилагательное
elegant, graceful, fine, delicate, neat, dinky
smart, chic, fine, gay, spruce, dinky
attractive, appealing, engaging, inviting, lovable, dinky
имя прилагательное
small; insignificant.
I can't believe the dinky salaries they pay here
This isn't a dinky log jump we're talking about; it's big air with even bigger consequences, so you've got to be certain you can clear the gap before you launch.
‘If I can do all this from a little dinky office with no funding,’ he exclaims, ‘imagine what the FBI could do!’
Of course I mean more than a small dinky deposit, anyone with some geological training or even studying can figure out probable areas where there might be a deposit.
With so many speaker systems to choose from, there's little need to listen to a movie through the dinky hookup in your television.
How in the world could a school with such a dinky gym ever help a league with big-time aspirations?
When I recently rammed the rear of a dinky Toyota on the Ventura Freeway, I bent it up pretty badly.
That's why Curtis has the least powerful computer at Merrill Lynch on his desk, along with a dinky monitor.
It is fair to say the only Porsche I could have afforded would have been a dinky toy.
After the heroic installations of Judd, Flavin and Andre on the lower floors of the Guggenheim, McCollum's modestly sized, wall-mounted works looked, well, dinky .
Are we going to be living in some small, dinky shack with no running water and a cast iron cauldron for cooking?