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dingy / выцветший, тусклый, темный
имя прилагательное
dingy, out of color, weather-stained
dim, dull, lackluster, faint, fishy, dingy
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, dingy
имя прилагательное
gloomy and drab.
a dingy room
He was shaggy and a dirty person, his dingy white shirt full of holes, and jeans full of mud.
Who wants to go to a dingy playing room to get crushed in silence when you can go to the pub and talk to your friends.
The place is an eyesore, dingy and dark - not the sort of place that seemed safe to park.
It was a dingy place with a dirty floor and more dust than goods on the shelves.
When Kuruvila took over as headmaster, the school in the crowded George Town area was dark and dingy .
The dark and dingy rooms have just one little room up a stairway, which served as a toilet and bath.
I trudged through the snow and ice to the edge of town and got a room in a dingy motel next to the interstate.
It's a dark room, with only a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, dingy walls, dark floor.
It stood at the top of Newport Street in Old Town, a dingy dark building measuring a modest eight feet square.
It was when I first moved back to London, and I was renting a room in a flatshare in a dingy house in Putney.