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dinghy / корабельная шлюпка, шлюпка, ялик
имя существительное
корабельная шлюпка
boat, dinghy
skiff, dinghy, yawl, sculler, dingey, wherry
имя существительное
a small boat for recreation or racing, especially an open boat with a mast and sails.
Some categories of boats are full, such as yachts, sailing dinghies and self-drive motor boats.
A handheld VHF radio is handy for communicating with the mother ship when you're exploring by dinghy .
We spent the night on our boat and next morning their dinghy took us to shore (you are not allowed to sail with the ship).
It turns out the Russian freighter had kept the dinghy on board throughout its voyage and released it in Mississippi when they next made port in the U.S.
Some other members were on hand to demonstrate how to rig the sails on a sailing dinghy and show the layout of a boat to the trainees.
A sailor was left fuming after thieves stole the inflatable dinghy he had used to get from his boat to shore.
The men used an inflatable dinghy to row alongside the SeaFrance vessel as she prepared to leave Calais and then climbed on to a metal fender 6ft above the water level.
Meanwhile, two young boys, aged 8 and 13, had a lucky escape yesterday afternoon when they were carried out to sea on an inflatable dinghy .
His group set off aboard a rubber dinghy , but was never heard from again.
As the two crewmen parachuted into the sea, the back part of their ejection seats fell away and the bottom part turned into an inflatable dinghy as they hit the water.
A busy summer's day on Ullswater turned to tragedy as two girls in an inflatable dinghy watched their father slip beneath the cold waters never to resurface alive, an inquest heard.