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ding / звенеть, назойливо повторять
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tingle
назойливо повторять
din, ding
имя существительное
звон колокола
ding, ding-dong
имя существительное
a deliberate or accidental blow, especially a mark or dent on the bodywork of a car, boat, or other vehicle.
You stop the dents and the dings in your own garage, but what about in the parking lot?
make a ringing sound.
cash registers were dinging softly
dent (something).
‘They were dinged up a lot last year, and they were really good,’ says one SEC offensive coordinator.
used to imitate a metallic ringing sound resembling a bell.
The Wicked Witch - ding , dong - isn't dead anymore.
If you're not too careful, you can seriously ding your motherboard.
The Wicked Witch - ding , dong - isn't dead anymore.
‘Ding, ding, ding , we have a winner’ she said with a coy smile.
Pausing only to drop my board and badly ding its nose, I returned to the car to find my friend lounging around.
Ding, ding, ding , The ring rang out across the school grounds and all the students raced to the door to get to their lockers first, along with Loan and Tobias.
I mean, I was on my way home from school, what were they going to ding me for?
Also be careful not to ding the edge of the panel when nailing or handling.
I'm sure exercise correlates with happiness, so why not ding activities that grow couch potatoes?
Although one conductor only a few years ago on route 75 instead of pulling the cord twice just used to shout to the driver ‘ding ding !’
All spent cases landed well away from the shooters, incidentally, and none came back to ding our foreheads as some of the mini .45s are prone to do.