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dinette / обеденный уголок, небольшая столовая, ниша
имя существительное
обеденный уголок
небольшая столовая
niche, alcove, recess, dinette, bay, housing
обеденный уголок кухни
имя существительное
a small room or part of a room used for eating meals.
Further aft the main saloon has an L-shaped dinette to port and settee to starboard followed by a good-sized galley to port and navigation station to starboard.
This was followed by their cutting off the two engines along with the dinette and the café car.
With the two-cabin arrangement the galley is located to the port side aft of the dinette and there is a settee and navigation station to the starboard side of the saloon.
Wylie followed him into the kitchen and sat at the dinette while Lester cut two slices.
A typical layout includes a dinette aft and to port that converts to a small double berth, a settee on the opposite side of the cabin from the dinette and a galley forward of the dinette .
For the first five years the standard layout consisted of opposing settees forward with a drop-leaf table between which formed a dinette or double berth.
The dinette transforms into a 7’ double bed athwartship with lots of space above it for gymnastics.
The crew would not let me go beyond the dinette since I was a lowly coach passenger.
Steps from the conservatory lead to a dinette which also has tiled floors and doors leading to the rear garden and patio.
Instead of using interior walls to define functions, he preserved the flow of natural light by dropping the ceiling over the kitchen and built-in dinette .
Then I'd see her, hunched over the dinette in the orange dawn, slowly pulling the string to raise the bottled sails before slipping the obit inside, heavy cork sealing all with a hollow thump.