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diner / обедающий, небольшой ресторанчик, человек, обедающий вне дома
имя существительное
небольшой ресторанчик
человек, обедающий вне дома
diner-out, diner
имя существительное
a person who is eating, typically a customer in a restaurant.
Brave restaurant workers and a diner disarmed a customer who pulled out a gun in a dispute over an unpaid bill.
a dining car on a train.
We boarded and the diner had closed for the evening and the club car was only opened until midnight.
He is a frequent diner at Italian restaurants in Portman, Grand Hyatt and St Regis.
I had dinner in the diner and noticed that the track from about Paso Robles to Salinas is really rough.
One was a huge tomato, styled in the fashion of a ketchup dispenser in a roadside diner .
Most of the day was spent there, or in the diner , or on the first level of the lounge car for a change of internal scenery.
It could've been the coffee he had at a roadside diner or the way he opened the windshield of the car and the scenery and sunshine just washed over him.
A guest diner requires feeding, and the dish prepared normally leads to a solution for said problem.
When we were in the diner , you could really feel how bad the tracks were.
They made a quick stop at a small roadside diner for supper.
How it's done is not the customer's business: the diner wants the ends, not the means.
I had to walk through the lounge car, and then the diner to get to the sleepers.