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dine / обедать, угощать обедом, давать обед
dinner, dine, lunch, have dinner, have lunch, eat dinner
угощать обедом
давать обед
eat dinner.
we dined at a restaurant
From now until Christmas, if you dine at a Bradford restaurant, you can help the homeless by adding just £1 to your bill.
However, we were invited to order from the bistro-board menus potted around the bar and dine in the pleasant, adjacent restaurant area.
There is plenty of space to dine in the breakfast area, from where there is access to a tiled conservatory.
I'll dine you soon
Most restaurants have pleasant outside areas, and when I dine with my son we always seek the table with the best view.
Their lobbyists breakfast, lunch and dine our elected representatives every day.
The confirmation fax reminded us we had to wear a collar and tie if we chose to dine in the restaurant.
He told the inquest that he, his wife and two friends were going home after dining at a restaurant when the accident happened.
During their visit they toured London and dined in the main banqueting hall at the Mansion House.
We admit it: we still have yet to appreciate the pleasures of dining out at a hectic restaurant where getting a table involves a UN negotiator.