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dimwit / дурак, тупица, неумный человек
имя существительное
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, dimwit
jerk, dunce, dullard, schmuck, numskull, dimwit
неумный человек
dimwit, dodo
имя существительное
a stupid or silly person.
This is what causes otherwise innocent young children to grow up into a population of stupid dimwits !
It painted the young lady as a dimwit , someone, who had not put careful thought, had not completed the necessary research, and then made an uninformed decision to go ahead with this unique procedure.
Not even the sight of a marked police patrol car outside the shop deterred the dimwit from seeing his raid through to the bitter end.
The Florida dimwit , 37, has finally been arrested in connection with last month's attempted killing of seven puppies.
A minor mishap was avoided when a local dimwit , collared to prepare a group photograph, proved less than honest.
I personally think he is the most incompetent of all the dimwits I have ended up with.
And all these retail dimwits come out with the same stupid things.
A family of prehistoric dimwits go about their daily business, occasionally interrupted by dinosaur attacks and other such primordial dangers.
It's rather nice to not be accosted with dimwits and society children.
The humor is not in dim-wittedness and one-upmanship but in warmly portrayed everyday fallibility, in comic outbursts during which ordinary people give off funny or funny-sad sparks that keep both the farcical and the maudlin at bay.
The figures are placed in situations that leave them at best dim-wittedly perplexed, at worst in comic-book peril - endangered by a motley collection of cooking utensils, buckets, bear traps, electric fans, chain saws, trophies, and water hoses.