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diminutive / миниатюрный, крохотный, уменьшительный
имя прилагательное
miniature, diminutive, cameo, midget, toy, elfin
tiny, diminutive, weeny, teeny
diminutive, diminutival
имя существительное
уменьшительный суффикс
diminutive, diminutival
уменьшительное слово
имя прилагательное
extremely or unusually small.
a diminutive figure dressed in black
имя существительное
a smaller or shorter thing, in particular.
It is the role of giant ruffians like me to fall before doughty diminutives like him, and each of us must play our part in that ancient story.
In any case, whatever the cause of the conflict, it is inevitable that the small dog, simply because of its diminutive stature, takes the brunt of the conflict, be it an attack or a warning growl and pin to the ground.
I've often revelled in these diminutive descriptors, because there's none other like me.
His insistent sexual attentions and diminutive pet names become less and less appropriate to the role she is now playing, and her self-image finally comes apart from the one her husband wants to impose on her.
‘Right to the end she was a little feisty woman,’ Judy says, admitting she was a tad frightened of the diminutive figure.
The name is derived from the diminutive of Vouge, a small stream flowing through the village.
Had he been in any other situation, the prince would have said something to counter the diminutive titles that the man had given him and his father.
Ke is a diminutive suffix, conveying the sense of little in reference to the size of the dog.
As a child in Hungary, Janos was called by the diminutive form of his name, Jancsi.
Other ‘weight’ currencies are the peso (from Latin pensum ‘weight’) and its diminutive , the peseta.
All these years, he has kept the diminutive name that his friends in the struggle gave him: Kecik, meaning small in the East Javanese dialect.